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Rolin gloves for Kids!

10" and 10.5" gloves proportioned for a youth hand.

These are pro-quality gloves designed to fit a small hand.

In-stock and ready for immediate shipment.

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New gloves in-stock recently added :


Rolin 11.75" Bone with Modified Trap-eze web


Rolin 11.75" Black w/Red Laces, Modified Trap-eze web

Rolin 11.75" Black with Modified Trap-eze web

Rolin 11.75" Tan w/ Red Laces, H-web

Rolin 12.25" Black w/ Gray single post web

Rolin 11.5" Trap-eze web, all red

Rolin 12" H-web Blue/Gray

Rolin 12" Closed web Black w/red


I have many Rolin gloves in-stock.

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Please email me if you are looking for a specific glove as I have plenty in stock!

Please check back for new addtions, or email me if you are searching for a particular model.



"The Glove Guy"

  Glove Relacing and Restoration

Professional quality relacing of baseball gloves.

I treat every glove as if it  were my own!!


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Official glove repair service of the Cal Ripken World Series!!


The Glove Guy was on-site at the Cal Ripken World Series (12's)

Several participants gloves were repaired at no charge.

We were pleased to offer our services to players from across the USA!

The Glove Guy is proud to offer high quality Rolin and Barraza Baseball Gloves!

Rolin and Barraza gloves are hand-made in Mexico from high quality leather.

Choose from:

Rolin PRO: High quality leather and craftsmanship.  This is a nice glove!!

ROLIN XPT: Constructed from thick Bull Hide leather.  Get the "Best of the Bull" ™

Barraza: Premium quality glove.  Heavy-Duty "ata"™ leather

These gloves are available in your choice of size, color, and web style.

Buy a stock model, or order a custom glove made to your specifications!

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  Glove Sales

We normally stock over 50 gloves.     

New and used. 

Current models and hard to find vintage models!!

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